Maya Odelle

Dominatrix & Luxury Fetish Companion


Welcome traveler, to my slice of the world.

Why don't you stay a while...


Equal parts coquettish siren, merciless sadist, tantalizing lover, and all-around hedonist; I'm a multi-faceted being with a velvet hand and a heart of gold.

As a Domina, I have a proclivity to both nurture and conquer, and delight in power exchange dynamics. With nearly a decade of experience, I revel in everything from the cruel and creative to the sultry and sensual, and offer my talents to those who seek a truly unique experience.

At 5' 11", I am deliciously tall, lithe and athletic; and yes, I love a good pair of heels. My dark hair is kept pixie short, or alternatively styled depending on my mood. Deep brown eyes and soft, olive skin are a testament to my exotic heritage, and you'll find that my body is adorned with several tasteful tattoos and a number of piercings. 

Naturally, I have an insatiable appetite for exploration, and have always been attracted to less, shall we say...conventional pastimes. In the span of my short years I've immersed myself in many worlds: artistry, athleticism, and academia, to mention but a few; but none have suited me so well, nor satiated my creative soul quite like the realms of passion and power.


From day to day, I'm an unabashed sensualist, living a near full-time BDSM lifestyle. Many of my greatest delights revolve around exploration and education in sensuality and kink. I've long been drawn to alternative and imaginative pursuits, and my journey has been a natural progression into a lifestyle that offers limitless possibilities and embraces our unique selves. I've used this opportunity to steer myself, and others, towards self-fulfillment and joy, and hope to impart some of that elation with every encounter.

Whether you are a practiced player, or a newly discovered kinkster seeking an exceptionally intuitive, skilled accomplice, I will be one to share your fantasies.

I so look forward to meeting you.

Studio Incall

My lovely Vancouver incall is a studio dungeon, suited to classic companionship as well as all manner of kinky escapades. This idyllic little space is nestled near bustling Broadway at Granville, and is a delightful daytime getaway. The space is fully stocked to furnish a wide variety of fetish and fantasy play. Large equipment includes: Full suspension frame, whipping/bondage post, spanking horse, massage table, medical table, and a cozy relaxation space. A multitude of toys, hoods, gags, restraints, impact implements, rope,  and other perverse treats could keep us busy for days. A separate bedroom can also be made available for select dates, and a full bath is always at your disposal.

Please note that this space is not available for overnight dates.


Let me come to you. I'll pack a bag of surprises and arrive at your upscale hotel, private residence, or personal dungeon, located within Vancouver. Outcalls are well-suited to all encounters (provided I don't have to bring the entire dungeon), and particularly excellent for an evening, extended, or overnight rendezvous. Please note, travel to surrounding cities (including North Vancouver) will incur an additional donation.

Frequently Asked Questions

I sent you a message, but you haven't responded. When will you get back to me?

Was your email polite and well-written? Did your booking form clearly outline all the necessary information? If so, I do my best to get back to all inquires within a 48 hour period. Due to my busy lifestyle this is not always possible, and I thank you in advance for your patience.

Do you see women? Queer, trans, and non-binary folk?

Yes! I am an exceptionally queer individual who embraces all genders, sexualities, ethnicities, body types, and levels of ability. I love seeing clients from the queer community, and offer sliding scale sessions to women, trans, and non-binary folk. Just ask! My current incall space is also fully accessible; if you have any concerns in this regard I would be delighted to arrange an outcall instead.

I've never played with you before and I'd like to book a session for today! Is that possible?

The answer to this question will always be no. If it is our first meeting, I require sufficient time to communicate with you regarding your interests, answer any questions you may have, and complete your screening. This process may take up to several days, so please take that into account and schedule ahead. For returning playmates, I may be able to arrange our session on short notice, but very rarely can I accommodate a same-day request.

I've never done this and do not have a reference. Can I still book with you?

Definitely! I'm always honored to introduce new playmates to my exciting world.  Fill out my booking form as usual, specify the lack of reference, and upon its receipt I will present you with alternative screening options. Please note that screening is mandatory, and if you choose to decline all my options (there are several) I will not be able to spend private time with you.

What's on your menu? Do you provide {XYZ acronym activities}?

A reasonable degree of pre-negotiation is necessary for a kinky rendezvous, however in all other instances I prefer to let our time together unfold naturally based on our mutual chemistry and consent. My fee is for my time and company only, and I do not prescribe to a laundry list of acronyms, so please do not include any in our communications.

Do you enjoy social dates?

I adore getting to know my playmates both inside, and outside the boudoir. Whether your perfect date includes dinner as aftercare, a field-trip to one of Vancouver's landmarks, shopping in Gastown, or a (discreet) leashed walk along the seawall, let's make it happen. I offer several packages that include social time; note that outside my packages I do not offer a lowered social rate, my companionship donation will apply to all social encounters.

Do you switch in BDSM scenes?

On occasion, and for select scenes that catch my interest, I do switch. Current priority goes to individuals who demonstrate a degree of knowledge and skill in their area of interest, to those who wish to hone particular skills under my tutelage, and to women, and trans folks. If you have seen me previously for switching or submissive sessions I expect that I would be delighted to continue our dynamic, simply email me with your request.

I'd love to see you but I'm not kinky. Is that okay?

Of course! I love spending time with all manner of playmates and provide both kinky, and classic GFE companionship. If kinky dynamics are not to your taste, I can be similarly wooed with food tourism, soft couches, easy laughter, and spirited nerdery. No matter what your pleasure, I am exceptionally adept at weaving a magical experience for those seeking genuine affection, intimacy and connection.

Are you seeking domestic/personal slaves? Can I apply?

No. Do not open our conversation by requesting to be considered for this type of intimate relationship. All my personal submissives have earned their positions through ongoing play sessions, tribute, and dedication. If you wish to devote yourself to me in this way, begin by booking an introductory session or providing immediate tribute, and be prepared to prove your utility in the long-term.

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