Maya Odelle

Fetish Companion & BDSM Switch

Are you ready to meet me? We're almost there...

As a part-time companion with a rich day-to-day life, I accept a select number of playmates and prefer to arrange sessions with suitors who demonstrate genuine intent, shared interests, and good ol' fashion chemistry. Your contact form is crucial in giving me this initial glimpse, so remember to be your honest and authentic self, and provide all the requested details. I prioritize returning playmates and have a preference for longer rendezvous, as I believe these are opportunities to delve deep and really get to know each other.

I offer two distinct date styles: traditional BDSM scenes, as well as kinky or classic GFE companionship. Should you have any confusion as to which selection is appropriate for our encounter, simply make note of it in your booking form, and I will be happy to advise you.

Just For Kinks

For the purists, I offer traditional BDSM sessions as either Domina or submissive. As a switch, I am equally at home on either end of the whip. This is an excellent option for dedicated fetishists, sadists, submissives, and those looking to expand their horizons and discover a new array of depth and sensation. Note, while these sessions may include the use of all my toys, our activities will be restricted to traditional BDSM and sensual touch. For those looking to add a little extra honey to their kinky encounter, please refer to my companionship offering instead.

A Darling Companion

Classic or kinky, it's all up to you. Engage the affections of a strong, beautiful, and emotionally generous sweetheart, or combine your ultimate fetish fantasy with a little extra pizzazz. All engagements longer than three hours should include some mutual relaxation or social time. 

Other Goodies

Full day (24 hour) and multi-day dates, as well as ongoing arrangements are available upon request. Base donation for US travel is 400USD/hr.


Gifts are never expected, but always appreciated. If you'd like to bring a small something to our session it's always a joy to receive new toys to play with, books to read, creepy trinkets, or small living plants (I'm a particular fan of succulents, and the carnivorous variety). I have a severe skin sensitivity to nickle, so any metal, or jewelry items must be at minimum surgical steel, or silver. For those of you who would like to see me in something special, I typically fit a medium-large, size 6-8 (36" - 29"- 41"), 34C bra, and wear a Euro 42 or US 11 heel.

If a gift card is more your style, I enjoy Agent Provocateur, NorthBound Leather, Sephora, Extreme Restraints, Come As You Are, Deadly Couture, and Chapters. Or feel free to pick something off my wishlist:


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