Maya Odelle

Dominatrix & Luxury Fetish Companion

Booking, Confirmation, and Cancellation Policies

All new bookings must be arranged using the contact form provided on my website. Please provide clear responses to the questions; being open about your interests and desires will greatly expedite my ability to provide you with a truly fulfilling experience. A tactful, well-written introduction will also go a long way towards establishing the beginning of a mutually fulfilling flirtation. 

As I enjoy a full and busy life, I am unable to accept same-day bookings. When selecting your ideal dates, please check my calendar page, and take into account that I require an absolute minimum of 24 hours notice to arrange a session, often longer if it happens to be our first encounter.

Sessions can be cancelled or rescheduled up to 48 hours in advance, after which any alterations to our plans will incur a fee (50-100% of the session donation). I'm always appreciative of playmates who take the time to ensure that they can commit to our encounter. If you must cancel, please provide as much notice as possible, and ideally, specify an alternative date for rescheduling. I understand that occasionally, life does happen; in the case of unexpected, last-minute emergencies, alternate arrangements will be discussed.

I may request a deposit for certain sessions. Deposits are non-refundable, but may be transferred to an alternative date under certain circumstances. Please respect this policy, and note that if I request a deposit our date will not be scheduled until it is received.

I will always expect you to confirm your appointment with me by email, on our chosen date, a minimum of 3 hours prior to our scheduled meeting time. If you fail to confirm, cancel within 24 hours of our session, or choose to no-show to our date, a cancellation fee (100% of the session donation) will be due.

Best Behavior for Every Occasion

Do respect my boundaries and limitations and always remember that no, means no. Any violation or disregard of “no” or “stop” will prompt an immediate termination of our session.

Do communicate clearly and openly. While I'm incredibly intuitive, I'm not a mind reader, and always appreciate an honest, forthcoming playmate.

Do be clean, brushed, freshly shaven, and well groomed upon arrival for our session. If I offer you a shower, please accept. If I feel that you have neglected your hygiene routine, I will politely request that you return to the facilities to freshen up before we continue.

Do present the donation within the first few minutes of our date. A card, unsealed envelope or small gift bag should be place in plain view, or passed to me discreetly in the case of public encounters.

Do not wear heavily scented body lotions, excessive perfumes or cologne, or consume cigarettes in close proximity to our session. I have sensitivities to strong chemical smells and prefer the natural aroma of a clean body, and any other lightly scented products that may be part of your hygiene regiment.

Do not take pictures or video recordings at any time. This will be considered a serious breach of my privacy and the session will be terminated.

Do not expect or request my time for free, or attempt to negotiate my donations.

Miss Maya Odelle - Vancouver, BC -