Maya Odelle

Dominatrix & Luxury Fetish Companion

What You Can Expect


Passionate, Pragmatic, and Utterly Captivating. 

My abilities and interests are expansive, and I harbor a voracious appetite for new experiences and well-loved favourites alike. I offer my playmates a safe, non-judgmental retreat to explore your deepest desires and fantasies, and a relaxing reprieve from the bustle of our busy lives. Our time together will be uniquely catered based on mutual intent, interests, and connection. Always, my goal is to indulge and inspire my guests, and I delight in creating a deliciously intimate encounter.


My style of play ranges on a spectrum from the soft and sultry tease, to the more extreme sensations of strict or creative sadism. I adore activities that offer intensity and often express giddy delight in the struggle and squeal of a willing victim. However, I also believe there is space to engage in games of a more lighthearted, seductive nature, and equally treasure these moments of soothing touch and quiet ecstasy.

All of my play is conducted in a safe, clean and hygienic manner. The health and comfort of myself and my guests is of the utmost importance, so I ask that you abide by my safety standards, and make use of the products and facilities provided.

Whether you are a curious newcomer to this whimsical world or a seasoned guest, I'm here to facilitate your discovery, and savor the opportunity to cultivate a lasting connection through our mutual interests and pleasures.

Not sure where to start? Here's some inspiration...

A Taste of Kink - Take a whirlwind tour of the dungeon, and a crash course in a few well-loved staples.  Alternatively, let me answer all your burning questions, and school you in a particular area of interest.

Bend Over Boyfriend - Revel in the role reversal, and surrender yourself completely.

Office Politics  - A depraved patient at the Doctor's mercy, a naughty student over Teacher's knee, or perhaps an underachieving employee in need of some reprimand from the Boss. Let's explore your perfect role play fantasy together.  

Netflix & Chill - Feeling like a night in? Let's get cozy on your couch, pop in your favourite movie and see where the evening takes us.

Touch Therapy - Dim the lights, turn on the music, and let my hands sooth away the aches and pains of the day with sensual massage and a tender embrace.

Discover Vancouver - Join me in visiting the Art Gallery, sampling local fare at Granville island, trying some late-night blues dancing in Gastown, or taking in the wild westcoast beauty of Stanley Park.

Play I Enjoy


I have a vast array of tastes and relish all kinds of depraved pursuits. A few favourites are complied below, but this is by no means an exhaustive collection of interests. I am exceptionally open-minded, so feel free to inquire regarding particular fetishes if you find that they've not been listed.

Bastinado, Bondage & Restraint, Ballbusting. Boot & High Heel Worship, Breath Play, Caning, CBT, Chastity & Keyholding, Domestic Servitude, Edging, Electrical Play, Enema, Exhibitionism, Feminization/Gender Play, Figging, Financial Domination, Flogging, Food Play/Sploshing, Foot Worship, Golden Showers, Human Furniture, Humiliation & Degradation, Impact Play, Isolation, Kicking, Latex, Massage, Medical Play, Mummification, Needle Play/Play Piercing, Nipple Torture, Obedience Training, Objectification, Orgasm Control, Pegging, Pet & Puppy Play, Predicaments, Rope Bondage, Role Play, Rough Body Play, Sensation Play, Sensory Deprivation, Sensual Domination, Service, Shaving/Hair Removal, Single Tail Whips, Sounding, Spanking, Tease & Denial, Tickling, Trampling, Voyeurism


There are a select few activities in which I not indulge; I do not offer illegal, permanently harmful or non-consensual activities. No exceptions. Activities that may result in injury or permanent marks will not be indulged, neither will the use of drugs or heavy alcohol consumption in scene. I have no interest in scat, toilet training, or blackmail scenes. While I do enjoy and allow the use of backdoor toys on myself at an additional donation, I do not provide a-levels.

Miss Maya Odelle - Vancouver, BC -